Sølvguttene – Boys of Silver


We have asked ourselves whether our first conductor Torstein Grythe pictured what Sølvguttene would eventually become, in the early days of the choir’s founding back in 1940. 64 years later, he could look back on an achievement that earned him a place in The Guinness Book of World Records and being knighted by the King of Norway to the order of St. Olav.

So, what did the choir consisting of 100 boys and 40 adults achieve in those 64 years, and the following years when Fredrik Otterstad has been our conductor? Well, quite a few achievements, if you ask us.

We have sung for kings and queens, presidents and first wives, nobel laureates and the ecumenical patriarch of Constantinopel. Our largest audience live was roughly 50 000 people, on TV tens of millions. We have sung in such fabulous places as St. Peter’s cathedral in the Vatican, Berliner Dom, Westminster Abbey, Palazzo Vecchio, The Norwegian Royal Palace and The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. We have performed with Andrea Bocelli, Kiri te Kanawa, Barbara Hendrix, Kudsi Erguner, Drakensberg Boy’s choir and the Tomaner choir of Leipzig. To name a few.

Our travels have taken us to Italy, France, the United States, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, the Soviet Union, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, England, South Africa and Spain.

Our popularity gives us the opportunity to perform 150 times a year – from big concerts with philharmonic orchestras to small solo performances at weddings. It’s a privilege we are humbled by, and one we work hard to keep up.

We don’t know if our founder dreamt of this back in 1940. We are, however, quite sure that his ambition and strive for quality was in place from the very start.



6 thoughts on “Sølvguttene – Boys of Silver

  1. Thank you to all who took part in the wonder lunchtime concert at St. Martin’s in the Fields today. I thoroughly enjoyed your performance and I wish you every success for the future.

    John Woodhall

  2. Tusentakk for Julehilsen fra DnB video

    Kjære Sølvgutter
    Gud velsigne dere, dere sa God jul og nevnte nitt navn. Takk for all julehilsen fra dere.

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